Author: Cybelle


Love Letters to Strangers

Nostalgia floods over me passing places I used to know. The same for people I never have. When winter turns blue I drift off into a spiral of  non sensical love letters I wont send. I do it mostly because I hyper-romanticize moments, but what else is there to write about in winter? Here are love letters to strangers, written by you. The sky was blue, in early spring and the weather was warming. You wore navy, as if you were unconsciously reflecting your mood. Your soft features were shaped into a somber expression which made it seem as if You didn’t want to get off the train. Did you want to get off the train? I wonder if you saw those two girls, both younger than you. Giggling, debating whether one should follow their instincts and speak to you. I was one of those girls. I had the blonde hair and blue eyes next to the one with brown hair and freckles. Something about you told me you had a story to tell. I don’t …