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Leucadia Lucidity

WE DROVE on Saxony the whole way home and took in the beauty of the green grasses, the rust canyon colored mud, the fuchsia flowers, chlorine blue puddles, and the mist that ran from as far as I could see east all the way to the ocean sands. Last week I visited Encinitas, one of my favorite places. We were welcomed by my cousin Gabriella and my aunt Nancy to their quaint new home. It is steps away from the train tracks and hidden beneath lush greenery. It’s the perfect little beach cottage. We settled in and unpacked our things, chit chatted over tea, and of course Suede and Lala wanted to go adventure. We hopped in the coop all bundled up and headed to moonlight yogurt. I am not the biggest fan of frozen yogurt, but they had the most amazing peanut butter yogurt EVER. I got myself a little bowl of that to pass the time while the girls had me doing loop dee loops on D Street because they think they are directional geniuses …


Favorite Swimwear // Interview with Elle Evans

Elle Evans* sustainable swimwear is one of our favorite swim brands because of the innovative designs & care for the environment. We asked this girl boss about what inspires her and what it’s like running her own company. First things first, tell us your favorite… Book: Catcher in the Rye. Movie: Empire records. I honestly couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve watched it. Oh Rexy your so sexy! Beach: Skenes Creek Bach along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia. Song: I’m too indecisive, I feel like it changes weekly! But this week I’ve been obsessed with Ugly Boys by Die Antwoord. Breakfast: Coffee, fresh fruit and coconut yogurt What are some great things about starting your own line so young and what did you have to overcome? The best thing about starting out young is not having anything to lose. I’ve taken some pretty big gambles in my business that I wouldn’t have taken if I had say; kids or a home loan. The main struggle I’ve found is people not taking you seriously as …



WE WERE outside running along the streets barefoot till the street lamps turned on… Part 1// My mom and I picked up a couple of espressos and drove across the Mojave and ended up in Huntington beach after 4 hours of great laughs and conversations. We snuggled into my papa’s house, tired as can be, and dozed off. I rubbed my eyes open at about 6 am and quietly made myself a cup of coffee. I thought I was the only one awake, then I looked over and my papa was doing his crossword puzzles and puffing on a mole. I love him so much. I chit chatted with him for a bit then threw some clothes on and headed out onto Beach Blvd. I went to a very early breakfast with two lovely girls named Sidney and Maddie. We met at Sunset Beach and grabbed some great food at The Secret Spot! We laughed and shared stories and walked to a cute little donut and coffee shack before I had to head back to pick …