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Leucadia Lucidity

WE DROVE on Saxony the whole way home and took in the beauty of the green grasses, the rust canyon colored mud, the fuchsia flowers, chlorine blue puddles, and the mist that ran from as far as I could see east all the way to the ocean sands. Last week I visited Encinitas, one of my favorite places. We were welcomed by my cousin Gabriella and my aunt Nancy to their quaint new home. It is steps away from the train tracks and hidden beneath lush greenery. It’s the perfect little beach cottage. We settled in and unpacked our things, chit chatted over tea, and of course Suede and Lala wanted to go adventure. We hopped in the coop all bundled up and headed to moonlight yogurt. I am not the biggest fan of frozen yogurt, but they had the most amazing peanut butter yogurt EVER. I got myself a little bowl of that to pass the time while the girls had me doing loop dee loops on D Street because they think they are directional geniuses …