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September faves

Stevie Nicks Interviews– She has such a dreamy way of speaking and a mind unlike anyone else. Click through a few of her interviews on youtube and you start to think of life differently. White Girl– Went for a long walk and ended up at a couture type theater that served edamame in buckets instead of popcorn. I bought a ticket to see this movie, even though I haven’t been to the movies in ages. It’s definitely not appropriate for younger audiences- the main character does so much cocaine it started to give me anxiety. But the cinematography, freedom, chaos, and love in this movie is so beautiful. The main character probably has about fifty words of dialogue in total and is most of the time zoning out or stressed looking into the lens, but I think a film is really successful when you feel everything they are feeling without words. Valley of the Dolls– A 60s classic that centers around 3 successful socialites who succumb to the monster of fame. The dialogue is awkward in …